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Charter aircraft: the smart way to fly

Despite even the most luxurious first-class arrangements - the relaxing seats, more peace and quiet, and even spacious reclining - there's still the unavoidably glaring problem with commercial airlines. Delayed or cancelled flights due to weather or curiously unannounced problems wreak havoc on our schedules and cause lengthy airport waits. Missed connections coupled with large crowds and hours of wait time mean what should be the beginning of a high-end escape ends up a terrible start to a vacation.

20100409-charteraircraft01.jpegConsider then, returning to (or experiencing for the first time) the comforts and class of charter flights. No lines, no delays, no hassles, no worries. It's pure ease in long-distance destination travel. Charter travel puts you in control of flight times, and any schedule changes or delays happen because you're calling the shots - not the airlines. And here in the Carolinas, charter flights can take you nearby to local destinations or across the globe. We've examined some of the best ways to travel. So what are you waiting for? Once you've flown charter, you won't want to fly any other way.  

STRATOS JET CHARTER SERVICE: Stratos Jet Charters provides you access to an array of private jets, turbo-props and helicopters, equipping you with top-notch flights that pays special attention to your details. Select from light, mid-sized or heavy charter jets, with models such as Premiere 1A, Gulfstream GI or Falcon 900, depending on the number of guests along on your flight. All aircrafts that is chartered through Stratos Jet Charters are owned and operated by FAA certified operators who also meet the rigorous standards of safety. A leader in charter jet service nationally and abroad arrange a private jet charter flight from 113 stops in North Carolina and 68 in South Carolina. Contact Stratos Jet Charters at 1.888.478.7286 or www.stratosjets.com. 


CHARTER JET TRANSPORT: Though this Charlotte, N.C.-based company offers a smaller fleet of mid-sized aircraft, the dedication to luxury remains strong. The on-demand charter company features Citation Jet, Excel and XLS+ mid cabin jets that seat up to nine people. Relax and enjoy your destination travel with a company that focuses on excellence. Contact Charter Jet Transport at 704.359.8833 or www.charterjettransport.com. 

NEW FLIGHT CHARTERS: Touting the largest collection of local private jets and aircraft charter from the high respected flight provider, New Flight Charters offers such high-class service that other aircraft owners and operators often request New Flight's services to fill their aircraft and flight needs. In North Carolina, flights depart from Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte. In South Carolina, depart from Columbia and Charleston. Contact New Flight Charters at 1.800.732.1653 or www.newflightcharters.com